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Thursday, 13 July 2017

01- .net core minimal ASP.Net core - Angular 4 ,WebPack 2, JIT and AOT

Hello , Everybody

We are going enjoy together  a new way to developer using .net core without MVC , the idea is do not add some many features which we will not use also I will startup one first page in angular 4 and show the differences between JIT and AOT angular cli compiler.

So lets start.

Check if you have the latest SDK dotnet installed in your machine.

Open your prompt or terminal and do the command

Command to check the dotnet version
 dotnet --version 

I'm using 1.0.1

Command to create a folder
 mkdir  aarvanilabAngular4 
Command to go the folder
 cd arvanilabAngular4 
Command to create a new project using a blank web project
 dotnet new web
Command to get the libraries in nuget or npm
 dotnet restore 
Command to run the project 
 dotnet run 

Doing this we could be able to navigate in our new page in the navigator http://localhost:5000 , our hello world page.

Once we have the blank project created in the folder, we could start open our project in VS code or another code editor.